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Meet Our Teachers

Meet our Outstanding Staff!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/022.gif Barbara Traweek, Cohn ECLC Director

 clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/002.gif Beth P. Lovett, Cohn ECLC Assistant Director 

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/024.gif Susan Lapidus, Cohn ECLC Administrator

2013-2014 Teachers!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3609.gif Tameka Cole-Williams
I came to Birmingham in 2005 with my husband, Larry, and two sons, Terrill and Xavier,  in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina destroyed our home in New Orleans.  I was able to finish my senior year at Birmingham Southern to earn a BA in educational studies from Dillard University in 2006.  Larry and I both plan to return to school  pursue master's degrees in education. I have been at the Cohn ECLC for almost six years now.  During that time, we added a daughter to our family, Valeni, who is now 3.  I love working at the preschool because of the diverse learning experiences we are able to provide to the children that we serve.  I am an enthusiastic person and I enjoy watching the children succeed, knowing that I am a part of that.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3620.gif Alexis Morton
My mother inspired me to become a teacher.  She always worked hard to acheive her goals and I try to follow her example and set an example for my three children.  I am proud to say that this is my 17th year as a teacher at the Cohn Early Childhood Learning Center.  It is my goal to leave a positive lasting impression on the children and families that I serve.  Teaching here is a blessing because of all the wonderful people I work with.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3632.gif Jae Hawkins
I have over twenty years experience working in the child care profession. I have worked as a teacher, in home child care provider (certified by the state of Louisiana) and as a supply teacher in both Lousianca and Alabama. I also worked as an instructor/mentor in the STARS program and as a Para-Professional here in the Birmingham School System. I have spent the last seven years working here at the ECLC as either an infant or K-3 teacher. I am currently working to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education through Child Care resources. I love working with children of all ages. I have a large family consisting of my husband Auburn, four daugthers and one son. So far two have graduated college, two are working on their degrees and one is in high school. I am looking forward to a wonderful and bsuy year full of learning and fun with your children!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3599.gif Sandy Salter
I have been at the Cohn ECLC since 1996!  I Love working with the children, reading and singing with them, showing them new things and watching them discover. I teach the 18-24 month class. I have an Associate's Degree in Child Development.  I have two sons, Evan and Jeremy.  Second only to my family is my job at the preschool.  The teachers here are a second family to me. My children have grown up here at the JCC and I feel grateful to be apart of this great community center.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3618.gif Joy McPherson
I have enjoyed working at the Cohn early Childhood Learning center since 1997.  Early on I attended Jefferson State Community College to earn my CDA, a teaching credential, and found I loved learning more about the growing field of Child development. I think I have grown as much as the children I have seen pass through these halls and infinatly more in the years gone by. I love being at the LJCC and the community feel here.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3614.gif Renea "Nay Nay" Cole
I am starting my 19th year teaching here at the Cohn ECLC and I am looking forward to many more.  It is a great place to be because everyone here is dedicated to providing the best early childhood education for the children.  We all support each other and share ideas. Away from school, I have a daughter, Haley who is 22, and a son, Aaron who is 25.  I love to go to the lake and ride my horse, Aruba.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3603.gif Melody York
I have been working with children for nineteen years; the last nine of those, here at the Cohn ECLC.  I love working with the babies. They are like little sponges taking in everything around them.  We do lots of reading and singing with them, we dance and take discovery walks.  We even do painting and coloring projects. When I'm not working, I spend time with my children, Kristen and Justin and my husband of 19 years, Allan.  I also enjoy scrapbooking and cake decorating.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3624.gif Candie Dorminey
I have been caring for children and adults for many years.  I came to the Cohn ECLC seven years ago and I have loved it!  All of the teachers are very sweet and caring and that makes for a wonderful environment.  We all work very hard to provide for the development of the whole child and we really do have fun every day!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3617.JPG Cindy Calvert
I have worked at the Cohn Early Childhood Learning Center for twelve years.  I received my Bachelor's Degree from UAB where I majored in Early Childhood Education and received my teaching certification.  I have been married for eleven years and we have a beautiful daughter, Megan.  Meg began in the preschool when she was just six weeks old and now she returns every summer for Camp Yofi.  This place is like her home away from home, which makes me feel great as an employee and a parent!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3633.gif Raya Rzeszut
I have spent my entire career working with children and there is nothing I'd rather be doing!! This will be my sixth school year teaching the Ilanot program, and I am very excited that we are at the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School this year. I love teaching this age group because the children are so eager to learn, and they are becoming more independent each day. I have a Bachlor's degree in Jewish Studies from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and a Mastor's in Jewish Communal Studies from Gratz College in Pennsylvania. My husband Eric and I have an adorable seven-year-old daughter Sophie who attended the ECLC from the time she was three months old, all the way through Ilanot, She is in the second grade at the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3627.gif Marguerite Ellison
As a former english teacher, I have been in some phase of child care for the past 45 years. I have done it all; after school care, licensed day care in my home, church nursery, nanny and teacher in child care centers. I LOVE children! I do not think there is any job as important, wothwile or rewarding as child care. I hope and pray I will continue the be worthy of the love and trust I recieve daily in my chosen profession.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3596.gif Donna Littauer
I have been teaching at the Cohn Early Childhood Learning Center for 7 years.  I am originally from Miami, FL but we moved to Birmingham when I was in the ninth grade. After graduating from High School at Mountain Brook I attended Southern Institue for two years.  After doing office work for a few years, I realized how much I wanted to work with children - so I began my "Nanny Career."  I worked for five different families over a period of fifteen years and then came here to the Cohn ECLC.  I live with my mother and have two brothers, two sisters, three neices and a nephew.  In my spare time I like to bowl and go to dinner and movies with my friends. I have been in child care now for 18 years and each day when I come to work I look forward to seeing the children's smiling faces and loving arms ready to give me a big hug!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3607.gif Jackie Hanson
I have been teaching at the Cohn ECLC for nine years.  I  currently teach the older two year old class. I have dedicated most of my adult life to the teaching of young children.  I recieved my degree at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1972.  When my first child was born, I decided to stay home and open a home daycare.  I taught children in my home for five years. I moved to Birmingham in 1985 and decided to continue my career in early childhood education.  I have taught every age group from six weeks to five-year old kindergarten.  I enjoy teaching young children.  Their eagerness to learn, their curiosity and their laughter are contagious. I have four children and five grandchildren.  I am happiest when all of my children and grandchildren come to visit and the house is filled with the squeals and laughter of little children.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3586.gif Danna Perdue
As an early childhood teacher of sixteen years and  part time mental health associate, I understand the importance of an enriching learning experience, quality care and early intervention.  I have worked with children from six months to seventeen years.  As a graduate of UAB with a B.S. in psychology,  I have a firm foundation in child and human development.  I am currently pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Montevallo. On a more personal note, I am married and my daughter, Trinity, grew up right here at the Cohn ECLC and still attends summer camp each year.  I love working with children and am pround to be a part of the Cohn early Childhood Learning Center.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3597.gif Stephanie Beacham
I love working at the Cohn Early Childhood Learning Center because of the community feeling.  I have been teaching for 18 years. I love learning with children and heling them as they develop. Puzzles, reading books and outside play some my favorite activities with my class. The parents, children and staff in all the departments really make you feel like you are part of a big family.  I am married and have three daughters, Savelle, Mary Franke and Amelia who all love that I work here.  I received my bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3593.gif Chaneta Gilmore
I am the a teacher to the JCC. I am a graduate of Jacksonville State University where I studied child development. I am the oldest of the two younger sisters, and I am excited to be working here at the LJCC.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3595.gif Katrin Cotten
I am from the country of Turkey and have been employed at the ECLC since August of 2013. I speak Turkey, Arabic and English. I attended Clovis Community College. I have 23 years of experience working with children of all ages including almost nine years at Samford University CLC. I  have also worked with children with special needs. My husband, Bill, and I have been married for 23 years. I love working with children and I look forward to a great year with your children.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3590.gif La Portia Oliver
I have worked in child care for over 30 years. I have an associate degree in Early Childhood from Jefferson State College. I really love my work as a teacher because I feel that it is a need and a calling for me. It makes me happy to know that I have made a difference in a child's life.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3605.gif Ann Frazier
I have been working at ECLC for over 25 years. My education is from the Birmingham School system. Currently, I am pursuing classes in Early Childhood at the resource center in Birmingham, Al. I love teaching and watching young children grwo and become productive people. This year I am working with the 6-12 month children.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3591.gif Jalice Klein
I have been working with young children for 8 years and I have my Bachlors in childhood development from UA. I am currently working towards my masters in Early Childhood. I have been at the ECLC for 2 years now. I love coming to work and seeing how the children grow and develop each day. It is my goal to give children great learning experiences in an enriching environment.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3637.gif Alaina Tow
I started teaching preschoolers in 1989 while attending college. After earning my associated degree in early childhood development, I worked at the college as a lab instructor until I found full time employment at the Cohn ECLC in 1994. I started off with the 18 month olds and found myself working with the 2's. 3's, and eventually Ilanot. In 1999 john and I were married and we still live in the small town of Pinson where I was raised.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3612.gif Ashley Jackson
I am a full time teacher in the 12-18 month old classroom. I have been here at the ECLC for 5 years. I worked with the 2's for 3 years and also subbed in many of the classrooms. I love working at the ECLC because for myself it is work and play. I love my job! I could ask for a better work environment. Aside from that, I will tell you a little about myself, I have lived in Birmingham my entire life. i graduated from Shades Valley High School in 2007. I ahve a passion for sports and I love Georgia Football...Go Dogs!

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3592.gif Dana Suggs
This is my first year at the Cohn ECLC, but I have been teaching preschool for well over ten years. I have taught ages all across the baord, but my heart lays with my two and three year olds. I love teaching, exploring and spending time with my sweet kiddos. Teaching is the only thing I have ever wanted to do! It is in my blood and it certainly is a major part of what defines me! I received my CDA in 2010 and have Countless hours in countinuing education. I spend a great deal of my time on the search for new teaching techniques and tips as well as creative ideas to keep your children fully engaged throughout the school year. I love hands-on teaching! The messier; the better! (That is my motto!) I am originally from the Sunshine state buit have been an Alabama resident for eight years. RTR. I have been happily married to my husband, Nicko, for five years now. We have two little wild and crazy boys, Vann and Finn. I am so excited about this upcoming year. We are going to have so much fun together.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3602.gifFaith Gaines Colbert
I have been an Educator for young children since 1995 when I was a senior in high school. I have been a apart of the Cohn ECLC family since March 2012. I am enjoying every moment of it. I am continuing my education at Jefferson State Community College where I am studing Early Childhood Development. On a more personal note, I am married and I have an eight year old son, Brantley, who frequents the LJCC participating in sports here and hanging out in the Youth Lounge. It is a joy and an honor to care for every child that come through the ECLC infant room.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/006.gifKristen "Ki Ki" Davis
Hi, my name is Kristen Davis I have six years experience in childcare and have been teaching at the JCC for five years. I'm working towards my early childhood degree. The thing I enjoy most about teaching Is watching children progress. Knowing that I have impacted a child's life is very gratifying to me. I have always had a strong love for children.

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/001.gif Betty Habshey

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3610.gif Moya Shelwood

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3622.gif Krystal Rumph

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3619.gif Sara Packard

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/IMG_3615.gif Heather Fancher

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/005.gifRoxie Highfoot

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/012.gifTracy Jackson

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/009.gifBarbara Gaines

clientuploads/Preschool_Staff/013.gifLesley Goins

Not Pictured: Amy Smith


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