SPRING 2014 Group Fitness Schedule

as of 4/6/14

 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CORE BARRE CLASSES! Please arrive to your scheduled CB class 5-10 minutes early to sign in so we can begin class on time! 

Please contact Linay with schedule feedback at lsmith@bhamjcc.org. 

5:30a  LJCC BOOTCAMP $ IT  Kreston 5:30a  BODYPUMP  GFS  Amy 5:30a  FREESTYLE CYCLE  CS  Stacy 5:30a  BODYPUMP  GFS  Freedom 5:30a  RPM  CS  Betsy 12:15p  BODYPUMP  GFS  Alison All group fitness classes are FREE to members with the EXCEPTION of classes denoted with a $.  These $ are classes open to both members and non-members (EXCEPT Core Barre), and require payment in advance at the fitness desk.  Please call 879-0411 for more information. Please note: Core Barre registration is ONLINE only. Visit our website for details.
5:30a  RPM  CS Lip  8:15a  CXWORX  GFS  Hollie 7:30a CXWORX GFS Stacy 8:05a  COREFIT  GFS  Jennifer 8:15 am Core Barre $  MB Linay 1:30p  RPM PLUS  CS  Samantha
8:15a  BODYPUMP  GFS  Linay 8:15am Core Barre $ MB Chantelle 8:15a  RPM PLUS  CS  Shelley 8:15a BOOTCAMP FOR WOMEN $ OT Mary 8:15a  BODYPUMP  GFS  Polly 1:30 p Core Barre $ MB Savannah
8:15a  LIGHT AEROBICS  AUD  Sarah 8:15a ZUMBA GOLD AUD Kaleiah 8:15a  LIGHT AEROBICS  AUD  Sarah 8:15a ZUMBA GOLD AUD Kaleaih 8:15a  LIGHT AEROBICS  AUD  Sarah
8:15a BOOTCAMP FOR WOMEN $ OT Mary 8:45a Pilates Express GFS Hollie 8:15a BOOTCAMP FOR WOMEN $ OT Mary 8:15am Core Barre $ MB  Chantelle 9:00a  WATER FITNESS  IP  June SUNDAY
9:00a  WATER FITNESS  IP Karen 9:15a  BODYSTEP  GFS  Polly 9:00a  WATER FITNESS  IP Debbie   9:05a  J Cross Train GFS  Hal 9:15a  BODYFLOW  GFS  Nan 7:00a  FREESTYLE CYCLE  CS  Stacy
9:15a  BODYFLOW  GFS Hollie 9:30aGENTLE YOGA MB Brenda 9:15a  BODYPUMP Express  GFS  Linay 9:45a CXWORX  GFS Hal 9:30a  SENIOR FITNESS  AUD  Sarah 8:00am YOGA MB Suzanne/Jennifer H. Coming in late May/early June….  CORE SUSPEND!!    Details soon!
9:15am Core Barre $ MB Greer 10:15a  SH'BAM  GFS  Kaleiah 9:15a  YOGA  MB  Jennifer 9:30a  GENTLE YOGA    MB Brenda 9:30a  Freestyle Cycle   CS   Linay 9:30a BODYPUMP  GFS Colin
9:30a  Freestyle Cycle  CS  Linay 10:30a  SENIOR FITNESS  AUD  Sarah 9:50a CXWORX GFS  Linay 9:15a BOOTCAMP FOR WOMEN $ OT Mary 10:15a  VINYASA YOGA  MB  Jasper 10:30a  CXWORX  GFS  Colin
10:30a Prenatal YOGA  MB Meg 12:00p  Freestyle Cycle   CS   Meredith 10:30am Pilates MB  Annie 10:15a  SH'BAM  GFS Kimberly 10:30am CXWORX GFS Jennifer 10:15a Core Barre $ MB Greer
4:30p  BODYPUMP  GFS Leslie 12:35p CXWORX GFS Lindsey 4:30p  BODYFLOW  GFS  Megan 10:30a  SENIOR FITNESS  AUD  Sarah     11:15a  RPM  CS  Megan
5:15pm Core Barre $ MB Chantelle 4:30p  SH'BAM GFS  Ashley 5:30p CXWORX GFS Sara 12:00p  RPM  CS  Marchelle     12:30p  SH'BAM  GFS  Chantelle
5:30pm BODYSTEPGFS Leslie 4:30p  RPM  CS  Stacy 5:30pm Pilates MB Savannah 4:30p  BODYSTEP  GFS  Lindsey     1:30p  BODYPUMP  GFS  Chantelle $  REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEE       GFS  GROUP FITNESS STUDIO       CS  CYCLE STUDIO                                AUD  AUDITORIUM                             LIB  LIBRARY                                          IP  INDOOR POOL                               OP  OUTDOOR POOL                          IT  INDOOR TRACK                               OT  OUTDOOR TRACK                     LOB MAIN LOBBY                                                         MB  MIND BODY STUDIO
5:30p  RPM  CS  Betsy 4:15pm Core Barre $ MB Lara 6:00pm RPM  CS  Bassam 4:15pm Core Barre $ MB Lara   3:30p  BODYFLOW  GFS Jennifer
6:30p   YOGA  MB  Jennifer H. 5:30p  BODYPUMP  GFS  Colin 6:00p  SH'BAM  GFS  Leslie 5:30p  BODYPUMP  GFS  Lindsey
6:30pm  CXWORX  GFS  Jennifer M. 5:30p  Vinyasa Blend YOGA  MB  Becca 6:00p  LJCC BOOTCAMP $ IT  Kreston 5:30p Vinyasa Flow YOGA  MB  Liz  Bring your family and friends and try it today! A typical SH'BAM class is 45 minutes long with 12 different tracks. Each track features unique choreography and is essentially it's own stand alone dance routine! Burn fat, increase coordination, increase cardiovascular fitness through interval training peaks, and have so much fun you'll forget your exercising!
7:00p  BODYFLOW  GFS  Nan 6:30p  RPM  CS  Colin 6:30p  RPM   CS  Bassam






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